PicTv is a low cost digital video generator designed for experimentation. It has 2 Pic microcontrollers, one to set up the horizontal and vertical sync and one that has the "fun" stuff, the drawing and interaction. This was done as a final project for Gary Schober's Advanced Tech. class at ITP.

a few words about the project and ntsc (aka scott's paper for gary)
The drawing code
John's page (currently at archive.org)
Olivier's page (again, at archive.org)
wiki (once again, archive.org (stupid nyu servers!))
watch it in action! (mpeg-4 video)

as a goof, i plugged an analog camera into pictv v1.5 and added a color burst crystal, then separated the r g and b components. here's what it looked like (at least the red and green)


This inspired the whole thing
This was an invaluable resource
This helped a lot
So did this
This is a (very) handy (windows) application