Twitchy Fingers is a live video installation that is a modern funhouse mirror, warping and distorting our reflection.

As seen in the pages of IdN magazine

video documentation

Twitch Fingers has been displayed at the following :

  • New York University Tisch School of the Arts
  • Midwizest at the Stay Gold Gallery
  • Crobar NYC

  • The video appears as a living piece of graffiti or live illustration. The initial image slowly recedes into the background of the display and is overwritten with a new representation of what is captured on a camera.

    The application was created in the Max/MSP/Jitter authoring environment, utilizing OpenGL and particle systems, as well as Kurt Ralske’s Auv-I objects. Video is captured, blurred, chromakeyed, and mapped onto a stream of particles that is always approaching the viewer. The program was designed for OSX, but is cross platform and had been run on WinXP.

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