Homework for Tuesday

Hi everyone,

There’s a pair of readings in addition to the lab work for next class.

Reading :
– Norman, Design of Everyday Things, ch. 1
– Norman, Emotional Design, Chapter 1, “Attractive Things Work Better”.

Lab : go through the beginning of the Arduino starter kit book and make the first project. Expand on the project in an interesting way. Using switches and LEDs, can you create an alarm to let people know when someone is trapped in the stairwell? what if someone is in the restroom? Or if the oven is getting hotter or colder. Try and leverage your knowledge of parallel and serial circuits to build something that’s contextually more interesting than an on/off switch.

Here’s the mustache switch example I spoke about in class.

Supplemental lab readings:
Electricity, the Basics


As some of you seem to have not received my email, for tomorrow, please read the first two chapters of the linked text, and prepare the observation assignment we discussed in class the other day.